I wonder how beautifully creative minds are in divergent ways, the way they create art with such perfection and diligence; they craft each piece of their own creation into a contemplating mirror of the emotions and situations they have been through. Presenting the world a mere portrait of their sufferings & sentiments with some form of flair embedded inside them.  Being a submissive and superficially outspoken person I tend to display my self as an extrovert to the world, but nobody knows what lies within this chaotic and messed up grey matter. I don’t know how to express myself or present my agony, joy and various humanly emotions to someone or the world in some form of artistic skill.  So after all complicated and complex school of thoughts where one is socially active and lacking finesse, I believe being jolly and kind to the world definitely helps you thrive. Most of the people might think of me as a sorted and a great person but then there is the other side to my hollow penny and that is the idea and talent of hiding my thoughts within my very own self. Not letting it out, always introspecting and secretly being judgmental about how can I be so melodramatically chaotic, without even showing it to anyone makes me think that my clouds do have silver linings.